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Cox® Decompression

The office of Dr. Timothy Gallagher is pleased to announce that we are offering lumbar and cervical Cox® Decompression to our patients who suffer from cervical or lumbar disc herniations, spinal stenosis due to degenerative disc disease, ligmentum flavum hypertrophy, facet hypertrophic degeneration, endplate hypertrophy and congenital anomalies. Over the last 20+ years in my clinical practice, I have found that many of these conditions were seen in middle aged to older individuals with increasing frequency and did not respond as well to traditional chiropractic care. After some careful research, I decided to purchase six Cox® Decompression tables and have seen incredible results with my patients. Some of the specific advantages of Cox® decompression are listed below.

Cox® flexion distraction adjusting has documented research showing the following mechanical advantages to treating spinal segmental joint restriction, altered spinal mechanics, and neural compression that causes back, arm, and leg pain.

  • Increased intervertebral disc space height.
  • Drop of intradiscal pressure from a positive pressure of 25 mm Hg to negative pressures of up to a negative 192 mm Hg pressure, creating a centripetal suction affect within the disc.
  • Increased intervertebral foraminal area up to 28%.
Cox Decompression

Published literature includes:

  • Federal funded published studies on the biomechanics of Cox® decompression.
  • Supported in peer reviewed literature.
  • 91% of 1000 patients were relieved within 90 days in a peer reviewed journal.
  • Low back pain: Mechanism, Diagnosis, Treatment. 6th edition. Author James M. Cox, D.C., D.A.C.B.R. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins.

If you have any patients that are suffering with neck or low back pain please consider our clinic and Cox® decompression may be the treatment option that works best for your patient.


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